The best anniversary gift

This year, for our 10th anniversary celebration, I wanted to make my wife a special surprise. I was planning in transforming a patch of land in our backyard in a beautiful rose garden but for that I needed to know a bit more about roses and how they are supposed to be planted.

So, I sent to my wife to her mother for a month and I started to do my research. At first it seemed quite hard to make a rose garden but then I discovered a really neat website. It’s called Famous Roses and this online store sells a variety of roses including the ones my wife likes.

The store is based in Romania but i was lucky enough to verify, and they ship the orders all over Europe. Another advantage is that the their online store offers a list with the prices listed using Euro currency and it makes it a lot easier to make the payment.

As I was scrolling down the website looking at their products I choose to buy bare root roses and climbing roses as the balcony of our bedroom is facing the garden.

I was pleased to have finally find a place that sold good quality roses that are recognized all over Europe. I placed the order and filled in all my personal information in order to receive them by courier.

Shortly after placing the the order, I received an e-mail notification stating that the order has been processed and I will be receiving updates about the status of the package.

So I waited for a week and I received notice from the delivery company that I will be expecting a packing later in the afternoon. I was so happy about it, because for the whole week I kept doing preparations so I would plant the roses immediately.

Shortly after lunch hour I received the package from Famous Roses containing my purchase.

Even if the roses took a week to reach me, I was please to see that they were placed in a special package that did not damage them. I placed them immediately and waited that my wife would come back from her mother on our exact anniversary day.

When my wife came home, I blindfolded her and walked straight into the garden. She looked a bit confused but after she uncovered her eyes her face was full of joy.

She liked the roses so much that now, we ordered another batch from Famous Roses.

I highly recommend buying roses Famous Roses them because they are the best!

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